Magnetic 2.4A Lightning Charging Cord

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You’ve seen the videos, these charging cords are an incredible new innovation!

Have you ever had a cord literally fall apart on you right when you need it the most? How about all those times you or someone else tripped over your cable. How many screens or phones have you gone through?

All that is about to change… in the most affordable way possible! If you save your phone or other devices JUST ONCE with this cord then it has more than payed for itself at least FIVE times over! Fixing your screen can cost you hundreds of dollars especially if you have a tablet or an iPad.


Choose the colour for your new charger in the first drop down menu.
Then choose your device Apple or Micro USB (Android) from the second menu.

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    Really convenient! I’m always worried about my phone ports or cables themselves wearing out, but this completely eliminates that concern.

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    I bought this charger since mine was damaged and i thought the magnetic charging was interesting. I was afraid it wasn’t going to be as good as the original but worked perfectly. This will be the only charger I use from now on.

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    Very good quality! Features are just like the description. Super service, shipping within 1 day, 15 days later the package arrived at my home in Moscow, RUSSIA. I would recommend this 100% It’s a good price and great quality!!! Thank you!

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    Good product, really convenient, very happy with my order. I have no complaints. Thank you, for the price it is very good.

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Product Description

Available in three fabulous colours, and for both Apple™ devices and any device that uses a micro USB connection. Samsung™, LG™, HTC™, vape pens, tablets, PS4™ controllers, cameras, or anything else you can think of.

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White, Silver, Gold


Micro USB, Apple