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SMRTBit 2.0

$149.99 $99.00

Introducing The SMRTBit 2.0 + Health Guide!

Yes you read the price right. No, that isn't a mistake.

You already understand the benefits of being “Healthy” right? Well, this may seem too simple to actually work for you but let me explain.

The SMRTBit 2.0 is a feature rich smart watch at an affordable price that integrates into your day to day life. But that's not all you're getting. Remember I promised you a lifestyle change that will help you feel better than you've ever felt before. In addition to the SMRTBit 2.0 you will receive a SIMPLE step-by-step instruction guide that will show you EXACTLY how to go from glutton to glory in 30 days! It will explain how to use this device in addition to your regular daily schedule to achieve the results YOU want.

Did you notice the regular price? Well that's what I am supposed to be selling them for but I just couldn't bring myself to do it so I asked the Head Honcho if I could offer a break on the price for my customers. Obviously his answer was yes, but only for a limited time… My first shipment is all I'm allowed to use for this sale so if you're seriously considering taking the leap to improve your lifestyle you're going to want to do it before I run out…

And remember the guarantee. If you try all this for 30 days and still don't see a noticeable improvement in your health and lifestyle then you can return the SMRTBit 2.0 for a full refund. And you can still keep the guide for reference in the future should you want to stick to the changes I helped you with. My gift to you for trusting me with your health!

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    At first I was a little sceptical but I decided to give it a try. I figured even if it didn’t work I’d still get a cool watch but honestly I am a believer now. The guide was so simple and even though I’m super busy I was able to do everything it suggested. It was just so easy to set up and get going that I’m kind of sad I didn’t find this sooner. You changed my life and I am grateful! <3

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    I’m kinda a health nut already so the guide didn’t do much to help me but the watch is great. It helps me stay on track especially on days where I get too busy or forget about working out. Thanks for the help either way.

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    The colour selection isn’t all that great but at least they had black lol The guide is pretty good though and the watch is still cool… Gonna keep it cuz it’s helping me in so many other ways 🙂 thanks

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    Listen… from one busy dude to another this was great! I decided to order the guide and the watch to give it a try and when the first email came in I actually got excited. It’s clear, concise, and it offers me the flexibility to do everything I needed to for me to feel like a human again. Such small changes that even I wouldn’t have thought about if i tried… Really happy with your product and Im stoked that I found you. Thanks again for everything!

  5. :

    The guide is pretty simple (mind you I’m a med student) but asked a few questions about the watch and they really helped me out. Leaving a review because I wanted to say that they were great with the customer service and helping me out. Thanks anyway… 😐

  6. :

    When I started reading I thought there was no way that this stupid watch could make as big a difference as it promises but I figured what do I got to lose? 30 day guarantee right?! I’m telling you, I quickly changed my tune after I ordered it. I am literally eating my words right now. There are so many cool features to this watch that I’m still discovering new stuff… You guys rock thank you so much!

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Product Description

 In addition to all the great benefits of getting healthy the SMRTBit 2.0 goes even further!

Check out all of the features the SMRTBit 2.0 has to offer!

  1. Fitness Monitoring
    • Count your steps
    • Measure your swimming or cycling distance
    • Monitor your active and resting heart rates
    • Keep track of your calories
  2. Health Check
    • Keep an eye on your sleeping patterns
    • Set alarms and notifications to eat well and rest properly
    • Sedentary reminders for those days when you aren’t quite active enough
    • Get your phone notifications right on your wrist
    • Control your music while you’re on the go
    • Operate your phone camera remotely
    • Locate your phone if it goes missing
    • Water resistant
    • Longest lasting battery in the industry (10+days)
    • Bluetooth 4.0+ compatible
    • Works with Apple AND Samsung devices

If all that isn’t enough for you to say “I NEED this watch!” then here’s the most important feature of all. The SMRTBit 2.0 looks and feels great compared to the competition so you can wear it all the time without looking or feeling goofy! Stop worrying about all the things you can say are wrong about yourself and start accessorizing the SMRTBit way! Look classy, elegant, and stylish while improving your health and lifestyle the right way!


Q: How is this different from “The Other Guys”?
A: The other guys don’t offer this incredible guide to improving your lifestyle. They just want to part you from your hard earned dollars and I just don’t think that’s fair.

Q: Can I use it with Apple or Samsung?
A: YES! It is compatible with almost any bluetooth device.

Q: How accurate is the monitoring?
A: It uses the same technology as the competition but at a better price.

Q: What Kind of guarantee does it come with?
A: We’re offering you a 30 Day NO HASSLES, money back guarantee. We also offer an extended warranty on the device itself if you’re interested you can add it to your cart.

Q: I’m not very active is this watch still right for me?
A: YES! Even though you might not be quite as active as you’d like this device features all the other great things you need in a watch and it can help you step your exercise game up!

Q: What about your shipping and return policy?
A: See below…


1. All items will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

2. Under normal circumstances shipping takes between 15-25 business days. Please contact us before purchasing if you have unusual or additional shipping needs.


  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  2. ZERO HASSLE returns. Simply contact customer service and let us know you would like to return the product. We will provide shipping information to return the product and issue a refund right away, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

We maintain high standards of excellence and strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

If you have any issues with your order please CONTACT US right away so we can help you out! You can call us toll free at 1-866-960-0962 or use the email form on our contact page.

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